Thursday, May 19, 2011


I decided that after Months of working from home with the girls we all needed a break so we packed our bags and headed to Florida for 2 weeks!  Unfortunately Craig was not able to join us as he had some projects at work that he could not get away from.  We stayed with the girl's Nana and Papa (Craig's Father and his Partner) and it was an AMAZING vacation!  My goal was to have Quinn swimming on her own and Aisley swimming with water wings by the end of our trip and I am happy to say that we achieved that goal! Along with swimming and playing at Nana and Papa's house we had many adventures .....

Aisley at the Beach, she didn't like to stand on the sand but LOVED to play in it

Quinn at the Beach, it was a natural beach so there were tons of seashells for her to collect

Quinn getting ready for horseback riding

Aisley had a great time playing with Nana while Quinn was horseback riding

Quinn on Tinkerbell, she also rode a horse named Bella

Quinn doing a little trick riding!

Quinn, Aisley and Papa at the Naples Zoo, unfortunately most of the animals were sleeping!  The one animal that Quinn wanted to see was a Jaguar and of course they do not have one.  When we saw the leopard she freaked and said it was a Jaguar, and told her no it was a Leopard she said "No Mommy it is a Jaguar Leopard"  I decided to agree and let it be a Jaguar!  I did not want another Orca Whale incident on my hands (All she wanted to see was an Orca at the Vancouver Aquarium and they don't have any so all she ever talks about is how she didn't see Orca's at the Aquarium, never mind all the animals she DID see, just the Orca that she didn't see!) So if you ask her about the Zoo she will tell you all about the Jaguar she saw ;)

Quinn and Mommy riding a Camel, "Everything looks so different from way up here"  She loved how bumpy the ride was

One night WAY after bedtime I got Quinn out of bed and we did a little night swimming, she loved all the different colours that the pool turned

Aisley "driving" Nana and Papa's boat, after this we put on her life jacket, she screamed and cried, had a bottle then fell asleep.  She slept for the ENTIRE boat ride!  First on the floor, then on me, then on one of the seats :)

This was Quinn's favourite spot on the boat, looking at the wake behind us.  At one point a smaller boat came up and was surfing on our wake

Mommy and her girls on the boat, we even saw some dolphins it was a great day.  Oh and this boat ride was our first introduction to Florida's Love Bugs but not our last!

Quinn on the little train at the park

Nana, Quinn, Papa and Aisley on the little train

Mommy, Quinn and Aisley at the park after lunch, we are sitting right beside the signs that tell you not to feed the Alligators ... we saw a turtle but no Alligators

This is the bike that we rented for an hour so we could see more of the park.  We found some beautiful flower gardens and rode through those while laughing at the signs that said no bikes :)

One of my favourite pictures of Nana, Papa, Quinn and Aisley <3

This is the splash pad at the park, we were supposed to go to the Shell Factory but it was closed so the park was a backup plan that ended up being great!  BUT we didn't have swim suits, Quinn thought it was so much fun running around in her underwear and she LOVED the naked drive home hehehehe.  Aisley didn't like the water at first but Nana got right in there with her and in no time she too was loving it

Aisley with her signature hair during her naked car ride home after the park

Our little Quinn swimming on her own, once she got the hang of it that is all she wanted to do

Aisley swimming with her water wings, it took her a few days to warm up to the pool but once she did she was jumping off the edge and swimming around all on her own she would even lift her toes out of the water if you asked her where her toes were :)

Aisley being dunked!

Quinn dunking herself for the camera

Quinn and Aisley with their Nana and Papa
It was a great trip but by the end we were all very excited to get home and see Daddy, the girls both wore shirts that said "Daddy's Princess" and were yelling Daddy Daddy all the way through customs until FINALLY they saw him.  We had an amazing time in Florida, it was a much needed break for all of us.  Thanks Nana and Papa for having us!!