Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a Crafty Day

As I mentioned on my last post the girls GeeGee came over on the weekend and gave them each a little 'pet', Quinn a kitten a Aisley a puppy.  They absolutely love these little animals and Quinn kept saying that they needed beds to sleep in, so being a rainy day we decided to tackle the job of making beds for their little pets.  We started out with a plain shoe box then covered it with some wrapping paper that Quinn picked out (so of course it is a pinkish purple colour)  Next I found some kitty cat stickers that we had and the girls put them all over their boxes.  I took out all my material and had them each pick out their favourite.  Quinn picked one that had Ballet slippers all over it and Aisley picked one that had stars.  I then sewed them some pillows to put in the box and a blanket to go over the pets.  Quinn thought the sewing machine was "beautiful" and "amazing" and was enthralled with what I was doing.  The craft was fun to make for everyone and the girls loved the end result.  Aisley loved her pillow and even used it for herself for a little while.  Periodically throughout the day Quinn would go over to her kitty's bed and shush the kitty tuck her back in and sing her a little song.  It was very sweet to watch them.

The original box

They loved adding their own stickers

Aisley picking out her material, she just kept pointing to this one and pushing the others away.  I still had lots of other choices but she kept saying no and pointing to that one.

Quinn picking out her material

Quinn's little kitty all tucked in

Quinn and her little kitty

The girls with their pets in their new beds and yes they are sitting on batting Quinn thought it was so cozy she just had to sit on it.

They decided that it was okay for some of their other pets to share the bed with their new ones.  We figured out that the ones that they got from GeeGee are FurReal animals which are the same as the ones the Easter Bunny brought the girls this year.  Quinn was very excited as hers are both totally white so they are Mommy and Baby.  She said that even though Quinn look different they are Mommy and Baby also (never mind the fact that one is a cat and the other is a dog heehee).  

While Aisley was napping today I decided it was a good chance to let Quinn try a game on the computer.  Craig and I had been talking about this recently and thought it would be a good idea as we know that when she starts school she will have some exposure to them and I am sure most kids will be quiet good at using them.  It took her about 30 seconds to figure out the mouse and after that she was in control and loving it!  I went on the CBC kids website and had her play some games on there.  We found one that was all about puzzles and from the show Animal Mechanical and she was really good at it so naturally it was her favourite.  I was so proud of her, she amazes me everyday, I just can't believe how big she is getting! 

Just after her first computer lesson, she was on her own and loving it

She wanted to sit at the table like me and do her "job"  I couldn't even get her to look up :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Fun Filled Weekend!

 On Friday we made some Birthday cards for my parents (My Mom's was on Tuesday and my Dad's was Saturday) and we also made a really fun craft.  We had these tubes left over from something and I took black paper and wrapped them up.  Then we put glow in the dark planet stickers all over them and there you have it a telescope!  Of course the girls also used them as megaphones and screamed as loud as they could into them.  They kept running into the bathroom and playing with them so they could see them glow in the dark.

Quinn with her telescope
 After nap time we headed over to my parents house for a birthday BBQ.  Unfortunately it was raining so we had to stay in the house but we had a great time.  The ribs were amazing, both girls tucked right into them!  It's always fun when the family gets together :)

The cake we made had to be strapped into the car for the drive to Grandma and Grumpys

Little Miss Aisley looking oh so cute!

In the middle of the photo shoot Aisley started smelling her toes HeeHee!

Best Friends!

Sisterly love

Liam and Aisley checking out the rain

Aisley being silly in her party hat!  She looks SO grown up in this picture

Grumpy, Quinn and Grandma blowing out the birthday candles

On Sunday we had Craig's sister and her Granny over for dinner.  It had been a while since we had seen either of them so it was a very nice night.  I made Jamie Oliver's Meatloaf and I must say it was delish!!  The girls had lots of fun playing with Aunt Lesley and GG and it was nice to catch up with everyone.

Aisley's Favourite Part ... The Truffles HeeHee

Quinn getting some GG cuddles.  GG gave them each a tiny little pet and the girls thought they were the greatest gift ever, you hit a little button and they meow and bark, very cute

Aisley, Aunt Lesley, Quinn and GG

Aisley and Aunt Lesley

All in all it was another great weekend, now time to start another week.  This past week was my first after I was Laid off so we had a fairly quite seek, but this coming week we already have a few plans.  Tomorrow Minto is coming to do some work on our house which, I am sure, will make it a stressful day but hopefully they will get it all right this time and wont have to come again till our 1 year inspection, fingers crossed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day this morning Quinn, Aisley and I made Craig waffles for breakfast then we all headed to The Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival.  The girls are still a little young for it but it was nice to be outside walking around.  There was a Pirate Ship that we were able to walk around on, a bouncy castle for Quinn and Little Ray's Reptile.

Quinn and I on the Pirate Ship

Quinn was very brave and went up to this big guy and pet him!

Quinn, Aisley and Daddy getting ready to eat the cake that we made for Father's Day.
I hope that all the Father's out there had a wonderful Father's day, I want to wish my Father a very happy Father's Day!!  Also a very happy Father's Day to my wonderful Husband who is an amazing Father to our two beautiful daughters.

What a Fun Saturday!

Today was a fun filled day!  We stared off the day by making Craig`s Father's Day cake for tomorrow.  Quinn loves to help me in the kitchen and really is there anything better then making chocolate cake in the morning!

My little helpers

yummy breakfast chocolate

Now this is why I love to help!
 After we made the cake we went out outside and washed Craig`s car.  While doing this Quinn caught a Moth with her Butterfly net.  To her it was a butterfly and she was so proud of herself for catching it all by herself.

Quinn with her Butterfly (moth)
 After Quinn caught her butterfly while Craig was cleaning his car he sprayed another moth with his hose.  We caught it in the net and had a look.  It was pretty crazy looking with these very long feelers, not sure what it is.

Anyone know what it is?

Quinn helping Daddy clean the car

Around 11:30 we packed the kids up and walked down to the BMGCA Festival (BMGCA is our neighbourhood)  They had a Karate demonstration going on, which Quinn loved.  She said she liked the girl who was doing it cause she was flipping the guy around.  She looked at me with a huge grin and said she wanted to be a karater to :)  They also had live music, balloons, face painting, a blowup slide, games, a rope bridge and lots of other activities.  It was great weather and lots of fun.

Quinn going down the slide

Craig with Aisley at the parachute (Quinn is hidden beside him)

Quinn getting her face painted like a kitty cat

Aisley`s first face painting, she really wanted it done but kept turning away being shy.

Aisley was so proud that she was a kitty

Quinn walking the rope bridge

She loved how wibbly wobbly this one was

After we went to the Festival we met up with Craig's cousin Cody and his friend Stephanie for a little shopping.  It was then getting close to supper and I knew if the girls went in the car to go home they would both pass out (Aisley had not slept at all, not even on the walk home)  So we went over to McDonald's with the girls and had supper.  We walked over to Toys R Us after to look around and get it closer to bed time before we put them in the car.

Aisley enjoying her cheeseburger

Quinn loves her cheese hamburgers :)
 So after all that we loaded the girls in the car and headed home this is what we saw when we got there .....

Two very sleepy girls :)  Aisley went straight up to bed, she didn`t want milk or anything just a bum change and her stuffies, she was so tired!  It was a great day out and about with the family, gotta love Summer Saturdays!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Little Princess Meets Her Favourite Princess

Yesterday was a great day!  I was excited to share last night but we had a power outage and I could not use my laptop as the battery doesn't work so I had to wait.  Anyways I took the girls to the Sippy Cup Cafe yesterday so that they could meet Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)  Quinn was beside herself excited, it is her favourite Princess!  So Quinn got all dressed up in her Aurora dress, her Aurora Crown and her Aurora Bouquet.  I thought that story time started at 10:30 and I asked the Sippy Cup Cafe on facebook and they said it was at 10:45.  So we made it there for 10:40 to find out that she had already been there, it wasn't busy so they had said she could just go home.  Thankfully the owner got on the phone right away and started calling her.  Unfortunately she made it all the was home before he could get a hold of her but she came back, it took about an hour but the girls just played in their playroom while we waited.  So we were able to meet her FINALLY!  She read the Paperbag Princess which is one of Quinn's favourites so she thought that was really neat.  Aurora then taught the girls a little Princess song, it was very sweet!  Aisley didn't get to close but went over for part of the story, and liked blowing her kisses good-bye.  I am for sure going to take the girls again ... but we will make sure to get there early!

Helping Quinn get her crown on, Aurora told Quinn that she made her feel under dressed.  Quinn is still laughing about that comment, she thought it was the greatest thing that Aurora said that.

Princess hugs

The Paperbag Princess, note Aisley standing off to the side, that's as close as she would get LOL

Quinn and Aurora

Tonight we had out first corn on the cob of the season, and it was Aisley's first time ever having it off the cob.  She was unsure about it at first, as Aisley usually is with most things, but once she watched us do it she dug right in.

Camera around I have to say cheese!


Even better dipped in ketchup LOL