Thursday, July 28, 2011

Community Picnic

On Wednesday there was a Kanata North Community Picnic that I took the girls to with Dave Cheryl and Liam.  There was a huge line up for food (as it was free so everyone went there first) so that is where we went first.  While we were in line there was a Chinese senior group that gave a singing performance and a dance performance, lets just say it was ...... interesting.  Quinn tried to follow some of the dance moves which was cute!  So after we ate we went and looked at some tractors then headed to the petting zoo.  From there Quinn wanted to play on the bouncy castle that was shaped like a carasel.  We lined up and when we got there we found out that Aisley was to little so Quinn went in and Aisley bounced on the outside part.  Then we went and lined up for the blowup slide and after all those lines we were hot and tired so we headed home.  It was a fun free night in our community :)

Liam eating a whole hamburger!

Quinn eating her hotdog

We missed out on the free pops so this tiny little glass of water is all we got, it was so sad!  LOL

Dave enjoying his hamburger


Liam and Dave checking out the tractor

The girls both wanted to drive the tractor

The petting zoo

Cheryl and Liam feeding the goat ... even though the goats were super full and really not interested in the food

Goats are funny :)

Aisley loving the animals

hands on!

Liam's not so sure about the animals

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Vacation at the Camp

For the last 10 days we have been at the Camp (Craig's family's cottage on Cardinal Lake) and it was amazing!  We all had a blast we relaxed and swam and just spent time together. We could not have picked a better week, Ottawa was record breaking hot so it was nice to be somewhere that we could just jump in the lake and cool off. 

I headed up to the cottage, on Friday, with the girls while Craig was still at work and we got there right around lunch.  Quinn was so excited to go to the cottage that she woke up at 6am came out of her room holding her kitty blanket and Mama kitty, in her underwear non the less, claiming she was ready to go!  So I got the girls packed and we headed out.  We had a great afternoon at the cottage, we unpacked what we could and spent some time playing!  While we were playing on the deck playing a little cat came over to see us.  We had never seen this cat so I checked it out first and we quickly realized that this was one of the sweetest cats around.  She was so good with the kids and the girls just adored her.  Quinn named her Yo Gabba Gabba Kitty.  For a while she changed the name to Swipper Kitty cause she kept trying to get our food but then she switched it back when the cat got better at not always trying to eat our food.

Aisley passed out in the car hugging her Sippy and her Puppy

Quinn VERY excited to be at the Camp

Quinn with Yo Gabba Gabba Kitty

Aisley with Yo Gabba Gabba Kitty

Quinn sleeping in her Princess bed for the first time

Aisley really wanted to sleep in the bed with Quinn
 Saturday was our first full day at the Camp and we spent our Day Swimming and Boating.

Our gorgeous little Aisley

Swimming in the middle of the lake, after jumping off the boat, with Quinn.  This quickly became her favourite thing to do.  We would have Craig stop the boat we would jump off then we would swim back to the cottage.

Quinn doing a back float in the middle of the lake

Aisley watching Quinn swim

Aisley with the Fish we caught ... isn't her towel the cutest!  Thanks Gramps :)

Quinn with her Fish ... love the butterfly towel ... thanks Gramps!

The girls playing in the play area off to the side of the Camp

Playing Squiggly Worms for the first time

Quinn concentrating on her game

Aisley trying to catch the worms
Sunday was yet another relaxing day.  We had heard that there was supposed to be a storm but it was very sunny and warm and showed to hints of any bad weather.  While we were eating Supper outside we were talking about having our first fire then remembered that there had been talk of a storm. So we decided that we should wait for the fire and head down to the Lake to feed the fish.  As we were down at the Lake we saw the storm clouds start to move in and then it began to drizzle, we headed up to the Cottage and by the time we got there the rain had really picked up.  We put the girls inside and got everything secure outside as fast as we could.  Then the storm HIT!  I have never seen anything like it, all these huge trees around us bent over in half, we could hear cracks as trees broke, Craig and I thought it might be a Tornado coming through.  In the middle of the storm the power went out which really isn't a big shock, we watched as the storm blew through and made sure that the girls weren't scared.  Aisley could not have cared less but Quinn was a little scared by the VERY loud Thunder so we talked about it and made sure that she understood there was nothing to be afraid of.  After the Storm ended Craig headed outside to see what the damage was.  We had a large tree down in the lane way, another 2 trees close to that, then one that had the top part broken off and hanging and one more then had a large branch that had come off but was lodged in between other branches on the tree.  Craig went and checked on the neighbours and when he walked 2 houses down he saw the reason for the power outage, a large tree had come down and taken the power line right out.  We got the girls to bed finally but it was a long night!

A little morning Yoga

Aisley and Daddy reading the paper

Silly little Quinn

All smiles playing in the Shark Pool

My little Bathing Beauties

Daddy and Aisley driving the boat

Aisley on the boat

Quinn keeping her eye on things

Just as the storm was starting

Tree down in the Lane way

Set of branches hanging in the tree
  Our first FULL day without power .....

Breakfast toasted on the BBQ

Craig starting the cleanup

Aisley playing in the dirty pool after getting wet from this she went and played in the sandbox :)

Quinn helping with the cleanup

After getting completely covered in mud they were stripped down and played in this tent for about an hour, they even had lunch in there, it was very cute to watch them play

We had to go and buy ice as the fridge and freezer were no longer working so the girls go ice cream

Then we finished our first full day without power with a camp fire and s'mores


On our second day without power we got up and thought about going home, we would go get cleaned up and come back when the power came back on.  We called Craig's Mom and she told us they were having a crazy heat wave in town and it was in the 40's!  So we decided to brave the powerless cottage rather then be stuck inside.  But we did decide to go out and about that day.  On the third day we checked on our food and EVERYTHING was thawed that had been in the freezer so we threw everything on the BBQ and tried to save what we could.

This is at 8AM!  There is chicken, bacon, pork chops, pork tenderloin, steak and a lasagna.  Quinn walked up and asked what all that was for, I told her breakfast her reply was "Gross!  OH sniff sniff I smell bacon I like the smell of that!"

Another BBQ breakfast

Craig had some large trees he had to move so the girls helped on the ATV

It was another HOT day so we brought the water table down to the lake

Aisley watching Quinn "fish"

Quinn was so determined to get a fish in her net, she didn't get why they wouldn't just swim in when she asked them nicely and said please, she even told them not to worry she would let them go again :)

Swimming out in the deep.  Aisley's new favourite thing was jumping off the dock into the lake.

Check out Aisley's nasty bug bite!
 Day number 4 without power, we were VERY happy to hear the Hydro trucks mid morning and happy to say we finally got power back!  We had another storm that night but thankfully power stayed on and no tree's came down.  The next few days we had a great time relaxing, swimming and playing.  Lee came on Saturday to help Craig with one large tree and there was a big BBQ at the neighbours cottage that was really fun!

Our last BBQ breakfast, Aisley sitting at the picnic table like a big kid

Quinn tripped outside and fell face first into the stairs going up the deck, thankfully no blood!


LOL Aisley's face when she heard a dog bark next door LOL

Hugs at the campfire

Aisley painting a rock

Quinn painting her rock

Sisterly Love at the Camp


The Family

Mommy and Aisley on the boat

Daddy and Quinn at the camp fire telling stories
 Here are a few videos from our time at the camp.

Quinn swimming witht he girls in the middle of the lake:

Craig pulling one the trees out of the woods:

Aisley having a ride on the ATV:

Aisley's knock knock joke (knock knock - who's there - Mommy - Mommy who - Daddy!)  She told it all week long!!:


We had a great 10 days at the cottage, even with no power or running water, thankfully Quinn thought the outhouse was "super cool"!  Can't wait to head up there again for the long weekend on Friday!!