Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Down on the Farm

Today I decided to bring the girls to the Agricultural Museum.  It had been a while since we had been there and the girls had lots of fun checking out all the different animals.  We also went on the wagon ride for the first time and that was fun.  We were able to see little piglets that were born this morning and a calf that had been born yesterday.  Aisley is getting very brave with all the animals and had fun talking to them and petting them.  I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that the summer is almost over and Quinn will be starting school next week.  But when we were on the wagon ride and Quinn was answering all the woman's questions (correctly I might add) it made me see that she will love school, really I think this is harder on me then her!  

On the wagon ride

1,100 acres!

These little guys were born this morning, they are so cute and tiny

Apparently the grass is greener on the other side!  Aisley loved this guy he kept making noises and Aisley kept laughing

She loved that the cow licked her ... gross!

LOL Aisley was trying to get in with this calf, she was shaking the gate then trying to get through the bars

My little farmers

Quinn driving the tractor ride

We had a fun day!

A Cottage Full of Keatings, Puttocks and Allisons

A couple of weeks ago we had my Sister and her family and my Parents up to the Camp.  We had a beautiful afternoon on Friday and we were able to go swimming and enjoy the sun.  On Saturday we went for a nice walk and a boat ride, then the storm rain came in.  It always seems to rain or storm when we get together at the camp its kind of turned into a running joke.  So for the rest of the weekend it was cold and rainy but we still had a great time with up at the camp .... at least we didn't lose power!!

The Keating's and the Allison's

Aisley out in the Lake after she JUMPED off the boat!

Dave jumping into the Lake

Quinn and our neighbour Kobe hunting for bugs

A great picture from my Dad

A great picture from my Dad

The Gang!

A great picture from my Dad

Our lovely fire, another wonderful picture Dad

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nana and Papa Come to Town

 Last week we had Nana and Papa come and stay with us.  It was really great to see them again, we had not seen them since our trip to Florida.  The girls were very excited to see them and had a blast with them while they were here.  Unfortunately about a day into the visit Quinn came down with a bad flu and just was not her energetic self.  It really took everything out of her but she was tough and still found some energy to play.  Thankfully today she seems to be on the mend and Aisley seems to have been able to miss it.  This was the first illness that she has had that has just completely exhausted her, it was so sad to see her like that and after so many days of her not eating it was a little scary.  Even with Quinn's sickness the girls were able to spend lots of quality time with their Nana. Papa, GeeGee and Aunt Lesley!

Aisley playing with her new Dora Umbrella

Papa showing Quinn how to use her new Barbie IPod

Poor Quinn trying to find energy

Everybody in!

Camel rides from Papa

Great picture!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Quinn!!

On August 11th our darling little Quinn turned 4!  I can hardly believe that she is 4 and will be heading to school in just a few weeks ... sigh.  Needless to say Quinn was VERY excited about turning 4, when she woke up in the morning she told me "Mommy during the night the threeness went out of me and the fourness came in"  Oh so cute!  Quinn has been asking for a Hamster for a very very long time so Craig and I decided that if she wanted that would be her Birthday gift.  She was so so so excited and very proud to have a real pet "Mommy my real pet is way better then my pretend pets"! I also took her for her first Manicure at a Salon and she was so cute and felt so grownup.  She picked out a very sparkly pink colour for us both to get on our nails "Mommy our nails are sparkalish".  On August 11th Grandma and Grumpy joined Quinn, Aisley and myself for a visit to Ray's Reptiles.  The girls had lots of fun checking out the animals, I wasn't overly impressed but the girls had fun and got to touch a few animals ... Grandma even touch a Scorpion, a Lizard, a Tortoise and a Snake!  Very impressive Grandma :)  That night we had Grandma, Grumpy, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Dave and Liam over for a little party to celebrate.  THEN on Sunday Quinn had her party with her friends at PlayTime4Kids and that was a huge hit, all the kids had a blast!!  So many party's for such a little girl but she was so thankful for them all and happy that she could celebrate with EVERYONE :) 

On our way to get her Hamster

Picking out which Hamster she wants

Buying her Hamster

On our way home

Quinn with her Hamster, she named him Spots but the next morning she woke up and decided that a better name was Freckles.  I told her she couldn't keep changing it but she assured me that Freckles is that name, so Freckles it is!

Grandma and Grumpy with the girls at Little Ray's Reptiles

Grandma helping Aisley pet the Lizard

Quinn and Aisley hanging out with the 500 pound Alligator

Quinn on her Birthday with her Littlest Pet Shop Cake

Quinn getting her first manicure!
 !Happy 4th Birthday to our darling Quinn!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip

Last week we took a Road Trip to Guelph and St Catharines.  I drove down with the girls and my parents, yes in one car!  It was a little squishy but was a great drive and we made great time, we only had to stop once :)  We stayed in St Catharines with my Nan and went to visit my Grandma in Guelph on Friday, also on Friday Craig drove to St Catharines to have some family time on the weekend.  On Saturday we took the girls, along with my parents, to Marineland, then on Sunday we went to Niagara Falls and went on the Maid of the Mist.

Story time with Nan.  She actually really liked the story and got into it, very cute watching them read together!

The girls playing with the wood toys that my Grandad made.  These toys have been played with by three generations.

The family with Nan :)

Quinn on the Carousel in Port Dalhousie, still only 5 cents, Aisley rode it 5 times and Quinn rode it 6 times.  The last time she rode it all by herself, she was so proud!

Aisley on the Carousel in Port Dalousie, she was scared for the first couple of spins but quickly fell in love!

Grandma and Aisley on the Carousel in Port Dalhousie

Me and my girls on the Carousel, I have such great memories of going on the Carousel as a little girl, I loved being able to ride it with my little ladies :)

We found an amazing splash pad right near my Nan's place.  Aisley LOVED it!

Great shot by Grumpy

Quinn loved moving the horse around and spraying everyone

Mother and Daughter  <3

We had a lovely picnic with Great-Grandma at her home.  She fell recently and fractured her shoulder, she is one tough woman!  The girls had a blast running around on the grass.  Quinn being very careful sitting on Great Grandma's lap.

Picnic with Great Grandma

Arriving at Marineland, Quinn is leading the way to the Whales!

Daddy and Aisley watching the Belugas play and boy did they like to play, they were so sweet.

FINALLY!!  Quinn got to see her FAVOURITE animal in real life.  She is so in love with Orcas and had so much fun watching (Kandu) swim around.

Quinn going on her first real "big" ride.  It was a child version on the sky screamer and she could not get enough!  We were so surprised and proud of her, she even put her hands up.

WONDERFUL stroller we were able to rent for only $15!  BEST choice of the day ... to ditch the other stroller and get the double!

Watching the dolphin show, very funny!

Getting SOAKED by the Orca's.  We had watched the show earlier from the dry zone and decided to brave the splashes.  I was standing (hiding) behind Quinn and Aisley was with Craig and Grandma was by herself, Grumpy stayed int he dry area to take pictures.  Quinn and I stayed for the whole splashing (we were the ONLY ones in the crowd) I warned her that we weren't going to move and MAN did we get wet.  She was laughing so hard and loved it.  After she was telling us how she got soaked by the Orca all the way down to her underwear :)  I think this was the highlight of her day!

Another great shot

Thumbs up after her first ride

Quinn really liked this one also she kept her arms up the whole time

Stopping for a little lunch

Aisley was really good with the deer but they were pretty sad looking :(

Quinn feeding the deer, not sure why but they both went more for the solid colour ones then the spotted ones.

Aisley was getting really tired so I put her in the Ergo and she passed out.  I walked with her a little then was able to transfer her into the stroller and she slept for about an hour.  It gave Grumpy, Craig and I a chance to go on a coaster while Grandma stayed with the girls :)

Grandma playing with the Beluga's, we were amazed at how smart these whales are.

Nice family picture with the Beluga

The ladybug roller coaster was lots of fun and was Aisley's first ride.  She was excited to go on it, then cried as soon as it started for about 10 seconds then stopped and just looked petrified.  I put one hand on her back and one on her front and she seemed to feel more secure.  She handled it VERY well!  But when it stopped she was ready to get off with a very loud "DONE"!

A soaked family picture :)

Aisley playing some music on Grumpy's head

We had a great day at Marineland.  The girls were amazing, we were there from 9:30 AM till 8:30PM.  We drove by Niagara falls after the day, Quinn tried really hard to not fall asleep but just could not stay awake.  Aisley on the other hand was int he back just playing away.  That morning we decided to turn her carseat to front facing so she was very happy and to busy looking around to play :)

We are so happy that Grandma and Grumpy were able to come with us for the day.  Loved going on the rides with my Dad, felt like old times :)  Sky Screamer was AMAZING!!

Getting ready to go on the Maid of the Mist.  A first for us all!

Quinn already getting a little wet

Amazing to see them from the boat.

Aisley and Daddy just a little wet LOL

After the boat ride a little wet but amazed.  I loved it!  I was amazed at how wet you get and how close you get.  The water really hits you hard, tot he point that you can hardly open your eyes.  LOL look how wet Craig's shirt got even under the raincoat

Niagara Falls

Craig with his little ladies, at this point it was starting to rain and Quinn was freaking out a little.  After this picture the sky's opened up and we yet again got soaked.

A very wet Aisley ready for the long drive home.
On the drive home we asked Quinn what her favourite part of the trip was and she replied "Spending time with Nan and getting to spend so much time all together as a family"  I could not have said it better myself!  Really could not have asked for a better vacation with my amazing family <3