Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dinner Ideas

There are some dinners that I know as I am making them my children are going to fight me on them.  So as I was making tonights dinner which I knew they would love parts of and not others I decided to try giving the girls chopsticks to see if that would help.  Now Quinn has used chopsticks before but Aisley has been to young so tonight was her first time.  I am happy to say that it worked! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Carp Fair

Just a little catch up from us, things have been very very busy since Quinn has started school, and the weather here has been amazing so we have been out and about enjoying it while it lasts.  Today we were just shy of 30!  

On Saturday we brought the kids to the Carp Fair, it looked like it was going to rain so we thought it was a perfect day to go, it wasn't very busy and we didn't get rained on, then the next day was beautiful and sunny so we were able to enjoy it playing outside at home.  At the Fair we sent the girls off on a ride just the two of them.  This was Aisley first time going on a ride without a parent and she did amazingly, of course she had Quinn there to help her :)  Also Quinn went on the roller coaster by herself for the first time she was hesitant at first but had a great ride and loved the screaming heehee.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Apple a Day

I get so excited once that crisp cool air of Autumn begins I just love the change of any season.  One of my favourite things to do in the Fall is to go Apple Picking, this was the third year that I have taken Quinn the second I have taken Aisley and the first that Craig has been able to join us.  We went with my parents and my sister and her family to Dekok Berry Farm.  I could have stayed all day and taken pictures, there were so many interesting things to see and it was a perfect day, the sun was out and it was pleasantly warm.  We took a tractor ride out to the apple fields where along with the apples there was a kitten, dog, goat, chickens, some hay to play in and a corn box to play in.

Later in the afternoon we headed over to my parents house for dinner.  It was still warm so we sat out in the backyard.  My Mom made a fabulous Lasagna for Dinner along with a Watermelon salad and for dessert she made an Apple Crisp with the fresh apples we had just picked (Ask my Dad and he would say the apple crisp was under cooked LOL!)  It was a wonderful dinner with wonderful people :)  Just a couple of days ago Cheryl announced that she is expecting her second child in April so there is now lots of baby talk going on ... YEAH!! 

After Dinner my Dad offered for the guys to clean up and for us girls to take the kids to the park, needless to say we jumped on the offer.  I love taking the girls to the park near my parents house as it is the one that I went to growing up.  Aisley amazed me when she climbed up the rock wall with just a little guidance from Aunt Cheryl and the kids were able to run around and burn off some that energy from dinner. 

After a couple of stressful days for me with Quinn going to school it was the perfect Saturday for me, spending time with my family ... really it just doesn't get any better!