Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween BOO!

These last few days have been busy, crazy, chaotic, dream like.  There is something so magical about this time of year, the beginning of the end, the holidays that celebrate a year coming to an end.  Halloween seen through children's eyes is truly breath taking.  The excitement then anticipation some children knowing, others having no idea what is in store for them. 

After a few rounds of Trick Or Treats every little was an expert and there was no slowing them down


My very very proud Mommy moment, at Quinn's school's "News Show" today they handed out awards - What Would Jesus Do - Their teachers awarded them to the children who showed extra caring and compassion to others.  Well I tell you my heart skipped a beat when my little baby's name was called.    
Afterwards I was explaining to her why she got the awards and she responded with "Oh Mommy is it because whenever anyone gets hurt I stop playing with my friends and I make sure they are okay and I bring them over to the teacher on duty?" My response was yes baby, "And Mommy is it because when I see someone who doesn't have a friend to play with I ask them to play with me and my friends?"  My heart skipped yet another beat "Yes my baby that is EXACTLY why you won this award"


I can't believe that tomorrow is November 1st, oh how the thoughts of Christmas are starting to tingle and sprout and grow.   

Friday, October 21, 2011

Change is Refreshing

My newest love is my iPhone for taking pictures.  I just can't stop.  I found a new app that allows me to edit them and the outcome is really amazing, I just can't believe my phone took the pictures.  I have also discovered Photobucket and the amazing power of collage.  I am so excited about all of it, I just can't help it.  So here is a little sample of my newest pictures.

Fun right!

This moment melts my heart...

This is the best part of the day.  Walking to the "Quinn's Purple Bus" with my sweet Aisley.  Nothing but anticipation for the moment that big sister walks off that bus.  The little face peering through the bus window watching for us while we wait.  The smile on her face as she walks down the steps calling hello to us.  The jump off the bottom step and the running hug I get everyday.  Then we are back together and walk hand in hand in hand sharing our days with each other.


I have been working on my blog a lot today and have been able to figure out lots of new little tricks and am looking forward to the changes that are happening.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Poor Sick Little Babies

Well During the Thanksgiving weekend Quinn was not feeling really well then on Monday she took a turn for the worse.  On Tuesday I decided to take her to the Doctors and found out she actually had Pneumonia. Aisley was also starting to get sick so we had her checked but she her lungs were clear, so we got Quinn her meds and headed for home.  We spent lots of time resting and watching TV and they were dealing with the coughing and stuffy noses.

 On Wednesday while Aisley was napping she started coughing and then chocking.  I rushed up go get her but she could not catch her breath, So next was my very first call to 911.  Quinn was sent over the Aunt Cheryl's house until Craig could get home.  Ambulance came and Aisley and I were off to CHEO.  They gave her oxygen to help her breathing and she did like looking out the back at the cars.  Once we got there we were there for 6 hours and finally she got a shot of Steroids for her Croup and we were on our way home.

Finally after a VERY long week the girls are on the mend, as am I, and we are getting back into the swing of things.   Quinn spent a couple nights at her Grammy and Gramps and a night with her Aunt Lesley so that I could rest, as I got sick on Thursday, and Aisley could rest too.  But yesterday Quinn came home, Aisley woke up from her nap and it was time to craft!

I can't think of anything that can get a person to feel better faster then pine cones and sparkles! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  The weather here was amazing so we took to the great outdoors and made some fun Farm memories.  Quinn started to get sick on Friday but she was a trooper and had a great time on our adventures.  Nothing marks Fall like a visit to Saunders Farm

After having a great time at Saunders far we decided to keep the farm fun going and went to a friends farm for some much loved blue sky and bright sunshine

I cooked my first Turkey this year and I must say it went very well .... other then the mushy dressing .... everything was yummy!   

I have so much to be thankful for I am truly deeply blessed.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Star of the Day

The smile on my little girls face when she walked off the bus yesterday was from ear to ear, she so proudly carried a blue shoulder bag with little stars all over and walked down the stairs of the bus yelling "Mommy Mommy you will never guess what happened."  With much anticipation and excitement she has been waiting, not so patiently, for her name to be called as the Star of the Day.  Well yesterday was finally her day!  She regaled me with tales of sitting in the teachers chair and bringing the attendance to the office.  Along with the "title" she was given a bag, a most special bag, really there is none more precious.  The contents of this bag so beyond important she could not wait to get home and show me what they were.  Inside we found a book that was full of pages from her classmates that had previously held this all important title of Star of the Day.  Each one told a story of that child and their family, what they like, where they had been, and now I understand why Quinn keeps asking why we have not been to DisneyLand yet.  So while we made dinner we talked about all the different pictures we could put in there and what she would like me to write about.  So that evening after picking out all the pictures and Super Hero Daddy making a run to Shoppers to print the photos we sat down at the table to create her page. 

 She took great care in what she did and was so proud at the end.  We painstakingly placed the pictures, she told me what to write then she added her own Flare with Q's and stickers as only she can!
Along with the page Quinn was allowed to bring three items to school to show her classmates.  Well this was the biggest decision this little girl has had to make.  Of course number one was Mommy Kitty no question no hesitation.  After some thought she asked if her second item could be Aisley well this just melted my heart then broke it a little when I had to tell her she could not go to school with her.  "But why Mommy she is my best friend and I love her and I want her to come to my school"  well just break my heart a little more.  But after I explained again she understood that Aisley can not go so back to trying to figure out what to bring.  After great debates the number two item was a Barbie and the number three item was a quilt that her Great Grandmother made.  Done and Done!  So once we had everything ready she showed us her presentation.  My heart swelled with pride as I watched my little girl give her very first presentation.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Weekend Away

This past weekend Craig and I were able to get away and relax in Mont Tremblant, his mother offered to watch the girls for us so we were able to relax for a few days.  The colours are amazing up there right now, it was a little colder then we had thought it would be seeing as we just had 30 degree weather a few days ago but regardless we had a blast.

 We got home Sunday afternoon and took advantage of the cool crisp fall afternoon and went for a walk in the woods.  The girls grabbed their baskets and we headed out to collect leaves and pine cones.  We ended up finding lots of really great pine cones and I will have to head out with a bag of my own to fill for crafts :) 

At this point Aisley asked  me if I would take a picture of her and she put down her basket and started to pose, LOL I guess she is learning from her sister early!