Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

The first snow of the season happened and it was a big one!  Aisley was a little confused but did a great OOOOOHHHHHH face when we looked out the window to see our neighbourhood coated with a blanket of fresh sticky snow.  Quinn, who has been talking about snow angels and snowballs of weeks squealed with delight and could not wait to get out and test out the snow.  Thankfully it was a Wednesday so Quinn stayed home with Aisley and I and we could all enjoy together.  We sat all cuddled on the couch with hot chocolate and watched the snow fall as we talked about all the fun things our day had in store for us.  Quinn made her way to the front door and put on her snow pants and boots and was calling for Aisley and I to hurry up. 

Included in our day was a great lunch with Grandma and Grumpy at Five Guys (so yummy!) complete with peanuts at the table with the shells on, a new one for my kids as anyone there could tell as they both kept trying to eat the shells. 

And the Cherry on the cake ... the cutest parking lot snowball fight ... Quinn VS Grumpy.


Christmas is coming ... can you feel it

And today when the tree skirt was taken out of the box Quinn took the opportunity to play Santa.  What followed was lots of "HO HO HO come here little girl and sit on my lap, tell me what you would like for Christmas"  while Aisley walked around ignoring her cause sister has no idea what Santa's deal is.

and when it is time to meet Santa I foresee a huge smile on Quinn's face and complete and utter terror on Aisleys, much like last years

Monday, November 21, 2011

Catch up

Things have been busy in a blissful simple enjoying the time we spend together kind of way.  Along with being busy comes being tired so I will let the pictures tell their own story :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This time of the year makes me want to jump up and dance, like crazy out of control ridiculous fist pumping leg flailing dance.  For me the first real marker of the Christmas Season is our first Santa Claus Parade, which just happened to be on Saturday (insert more fist pumps).  Hot chocolate made, snacks packed, warm clothes and blankets ready we found our spot along the road and let the magic begin.  We sipped Hot Chocolate and shook our noise makers and waiting.  Aisley was so funny, totally unsure of what was going on and what the big deal was.  Once it started she just loved all the doggies in silly costumes.

I totally love my Moms face here

Cousin love

Now lets talk magic.  All of a sudden to my little girls amazement appeared her favourite Princess Aurora and the icing on the cake Belle.  Two Princesses in one place amazing (start flailing those legs with your fist pumps)  Even Aisley braved hugs but drew the line there and would not pose for a photo.  The joy on Quinn's face was so pure it made us all smile.  After they left she jump and screamed and squeeled only as a four year old can.  She told me she was so surprised to see them she never thought they would be at the parade.  What a magicla treat for us all.

This face makes me giggle

We all had an amazing magical time at the parade, it really got us in the Christmas Spirit.  I am so ready to make lists, craft, bake and enjoy the wonder in my little girls eyes as they take in all the magic.  Have I told how magical this time of year is for me.  One more time .... MAGIC!  Time to get my craft on baby (fist pumping legs flailing and loud out of tune signing) bring it!!