Friday, December 30, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

We had an amazing Christmas, one that only a one year old and a four year old could deliver.  It was filled with friends and family and lots of food, really what more could you ask for.  Right after Christmas we got sick so that has brought everything to a snails pace but we are on the mend and looking forward to New Years Eve with some great friends! 

Aisley thought she was so funny making this face for the Camera

Christmas Eve PJ's Opened Early as Quinn had a PJ day at School


On Quinn's last day of School she had a school singalong that we were able to go to which was cute.  In her classroom later that day one parent was invited to come and build a Gingerbread house and watch a little singalong.  I was really disappointed in both, don't get me wrong our girl was adorable and loved it, but it was not what we had hoped for.  I thought that sending her to a Catholic School would for sure include a Christmas Performance, I could see her all dressed up singing her little heart out to songs she had practiced over and over and Craig and I in the audience with some of her Grandparents watching our big girl.  So when I found out non of that was going on I was very sad.  Then to find out they are doing a little sing along that only one parent could go to, and when it did happen they were all sitting in a big group and Quinn was mostly hidden my disappointment grew.  It makes me sad just thinking about it again.  But my Girl loved what they did and she didn't know any better so it was perfect to her which made me smile.


This year I felt the need for lights and lots of them so we venture out to Taffy Lane and Upper Canada Village, I could have stayed all night just watching those lights

Quinn felt the need to pray to the lights right in the middle of Taffy Lane


Riding on the Train

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were nothing short of perfection

The girls made each other Jewelry Boxes

Their big gift was a vets office that they had to follow clues to find

After Dinner Quinn decided to play a game where she was the teacher

Now we are ready to celebrate the end of 2011 and to start enjoying all that is to come in 2012.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crafty Times Call For Craft Measures

I have a Christmas apron that my mother gave me a few years ago that I pulled out the other week and strapped on for the first time this season.  Well let me tell you I should have put it on a month ago.  This apron seemed to shift everything, I had been feeling overwhelmed and when I feel overwhelmed I tend to not want to do anything.  Once that apron was on there was no stopping me by the end of the first day my house was spotless and I mean spotless.  Our house remains nice and clean which is the way I like it, it puts me in a good mood and motivates me to do more when our sweet little house is clean.  The only thing that is "messy" is our dining room table which has been transformed into a craft table and that is the way I like it, we have been crafting, baking and making memories, its all Christmas all the time in this household.  I take the job of making Christmas memories for my Children very seriously and we have been making many wonderful ones.

We had a girls night and while I was downstairs getting dinner ready the girls were upstairs getting their stage ready and I was treated to a grand performance including a red carpet leading to the stage.

The audience

An easy craft, a foam ornament with sequence glued all over
I told Quinn my apron gives me super powers and that is why I was able to get so much done, she loved the idea and was more then thrilled to strap on her own and enjoy some of the power
Peppermint Oreo Cookies

One of the gifts that we are making is a Sea Salt Scrub.  All you need is 1 cup of Sea Salt, 1/2 cup of Grapeseed Oil and 10 drops of Essential Oils, you can find all three items at any grocery store.  The containers I bought at the dollar store and I like because they can stand up straight or be tilted.  For the tags I used a piece of card stock, stamps, markers, ribbon and some curved scissors.

Another gift we are making is personal chalk boards.  We purchased the Canvases at Walmart in a pack of three, one coat of primer, about 3 coats of chalkboard paint.  On the back I glued a piece of ribbon so the board can be hung up and I also glued on a piece of scrapbook paper to make it a little prettier.

I am loving my "super powers" that this apron is giving me and I plan on wearing it a little everyday as we enjoy our final count down to Christmas.