Friday, January 27, 2012

Crafy Crafts

My newest passion ... Pinterest!  I try to get on a couple times a day to help get my creativity flowing and what a difference it has made.  Looking at beautiful homemade things make me happy, what can I say.  I have been looking for little things around my house that I think could use a little something extra and yesterday I found two.  I already had all the items so I was able to do it for free, which is my favourite way to do crafts ... use what you have! 

I had these three clear jars on my shelf in the kitchen that i had picked up a long time ago from the Dollarama.  I decided that they needed some colour and since they are in the kitchen I decided to use items from my baking pantry.  It's as simple as adding cupcake cups and cookie cutters to the jar and voila, simply beautiful.


On my fireplace mantle I have two cream candles on long wood candle sticks that I don't burn, they are there as decoration.  But they were driving me crazy because I thought they were very plain.  So it was time for a little makeover.

This is what you will need, scrapbooking paper, patterned scissors, 2 different ribbons, a little charm or decal , a glue gun and of course the candle.

First I cut out the paper and glued down one end.  Pulling tightly I wrapped the paper around the candle then glued the other end down, then cut off the extra paper.  Take your larger ribbon then glue and wrap the same as the paper.  My ribbon had a few wrinkles but I pulled it tight when I wrapped it and that got rid of them.  Then take your next ribbon and again glue and wrap.  Last I thought it needed just a little something more so I glued on a decal I had from scrapbooking. 

I am so happy with the way these turned out.  They give my candles that little something extra that I was looking for.  If you are planning on burning the candles these items are a fire hazard so please use caution and common sense.  I can't wait to find the next hidden treasure in my house.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Follow-Through

I have always been one to have big dreams.  I think big and I dream big the only catch is that sometimes my follow-through is a little lack luster ... okay lets be honest sometimes there is simply no follow-through to go along with the plans.  But no longer, proclamation made, yelling it from the roof tops, in the big fashion that I love; I will follow-through!  

I have this never ending very big "to do" list, calling it a "to do" list doesn't seem to do it justice, lets call it a dream list.  I have so many ideas of different things I want to do with my girls, for my house, for me and on and on.  So I decided to simply start doing them.  Let me tell you it felt amazing to be doing things that I had been wanting to do for so long.  I knew we were making memories and I loved it!

We started by clearing out the kitchen and letting our creative juices flow

Let me tell you this turned into an all afternoon affair.  After the painting of course we had to get in the tub and make a huge mess in there cause that's the only way to tub.  Back downstairs to clean up the paint which was all over the floor, walls, and patio doors.  My smile got bigger with every new dot of paint I found thinking about the glow in my littles eyes as they created their masterpieces. 


On Sunday our community had its annual Winter Family Fun day and as it was a cold day I decided to take Quinn and Craig stayed home while Aisley napped.  I love getting to spend some one on one time with each of my girls and as a bonus we got to check more things off our list.

Donut on a rope contest, Quinn did this last year, had her picture in the paper and that picture was used this year to promote the day

Painting in the snow with a spray bottle

It took a while to get all laced up but Quinn was very excited to try SnowShoeing.  She had tried it last year but was just to small for it.  She was aprehensive at first so we walked hand in hand, slowly making our way across the icy path.  Then Sister broke away and spread her wings.

For our lunch we had an array of sweets; donuts, chocolate, cookies, squares and hot chocolate.  We giggles about our silly lunch but Quinn assured me not to worry she would eat something healthy when we got home.


For the cherry on our amazingly delicious icecream weekend we had GG over for Dinner.  The girls decided that some of the paintings they made on Saturday were special just for her so we shared our crafts, played and the girls soaked in so extra GG love.

Sporting the outfits GG got them for Christmas

I love Aisley's winky smile


I have become obssesed with Pinterest and have a stocked cache waiting for some follow through, can't wait to oblige.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sneaks and The Snow Day

Oh our little Aisley, she loves to keep us on our toes. 

She just had her Second birthday and has decided that this year is going to be the year on the sneak!  Her first full day of being two and she set the bar HIGH. 

Being the second child she has always been given more independence and we have never had any trouble with it.  She plays on her own and loves to head upstairs and read and have some alone time. 

Her and I were playing on the main level and she decided she wanted the littlest petshop toys that are in Quinn's room, so she made her way upstairs.  She stayed for a few minutes, I could hear her chatting away and playing, called up and she said she was okay and was playing.  She came back down and as she moved closer I could smell something on her, I thought oh no she got into Quinn's chapstick ... then quickly realized it was way worse then that. 

She was so darn proud of herself

When she went upstairs she used her change pad to knock over her Udder Cream (used for diaper rash, about 100 times thicker and messier then Vaseline) she then scooped it all out and proceeded to cover her face and hands and then fling the rest all over the hall. 

When all this was done she got to relax in a nice bath for an hour while I scrubbed the carpets as best I could.

That initial bath failed and her hair was gross and greasy.  We had a shower that night and used dawn dish soap then regular shampoo.

One more bath the next day with a repeat of dawn and shampoo and her hair was finally clean!


That same afternoon I was making dinner and noticed a hole in one of my spice bags ... a little searching in the cabinet and I realized we had mice.  All the bags had holes and the little sneaks had tipped over my blue food colouring and there were little paw prints all over (insert shudder)  Traps were put in and we got a mouse that night ... and another the next night ... and another the next, those sneaky sneaky little buggers!


Today was a snow day ... and it delivered. 

We have been stuck in the house for a while with freezing cold temperatures (minus 34 Celsius) and cabin fever was starting to set in. 

With the promise of a snow storm the temperatures warmed up, school buses were cancelled and we ventured out to our woods.  I love our woods, I know I love them, but every time I walk into them I fall even deeper in love. 

Once inside them I imagine we live in a little cabin in the middle of the woods, covered in a soft blanket of snow, blocked from the bitter wind, fire roaring in the cabin waiting for us to return from our walk.


Craig's Birthday is on December 24th and because of that it is not given the attention it deserves.  So this year Quinn and I decided that we would pick a day and give Daddy a surprise Birthday party.  She was amazing and has been keeping the secret for weeks. 

We decided that today was the day we would celebrate his Birthday.  We made brownies, blew up balloons, made cards, and created a special dinner just for Daddy.  We loved how surprised he was when he came home and Quinn jumped out and yelled Surprise Happy Birthday! 

So now it has been decided this is how we will celebrate his Birthday ever year.  We will pick the day and the time and surprise Daddy and give him the day he deserves.


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