Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Catchup

This entire month I have felt like I have been three steps behind.  It always seems to happen to me in February, the weather gets me down and I spend a lot of time thinking about all the things I wish I could be doing but can't.  I like the snow but not the cold that seems to settle in February, that bitter right down to your bones cold.  It is a bazare feeling, to feel like you are necer going to be warm again.  I dream of the sun and being outside, opening my doors and windows, the girls playing outside and eating icecream.  For a little while it felt like Spring was coming, we were able to open some windows and start spring cleaning it felt amazing.  Then out of nowhere we get hit with snow, and trust me when I say snow I mean snow.  I am tired and cold and just want it to stop but alas we are preparing for another storm tomorrow and another the next day.  I can't stop checking my weather network app on my phone and watching the temperatures for the next two weeks.  It's what keeps me going at this point, I see the numbers going up and I just hope that they stay, the snow is coming but hopefully it will be the end and Spring will be here.  March can come in like a Lion but I tell ya it better leave like a Lamb!

Quinn making her Valentine Cards

My sweet little Valentine

The Agricultural Museum

Here is a BIG catchup of some Instagram love

Can't forget the videos

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Weekend Away

We are in the car on our way home from an amazing little weekend away in Montreal. My MIL gave it to us as a gift for Christmas so this weekend we cashed in and took off. On February 18th Craig and I celebrated 12 years together so we thought this was a great way to mark the occasion, time away just the two of us. Saturday was a snowstorm but we didn't let that slow us down, we walked St Catharine street and ate every meal out, had an amazing nights sleep (no wake ups, no children needing to go potty YEAH) it was very needed! Saturday night after dinner we decided to go for a walk and stumbled upon a festival of lights, tons of music and people and you guessed it lights! We didn't have our camera but thank goodness we had my phone so we got a couple of pics. Today we went to old Montreal and had a horsedrawn carriage ride, I totally recommend it! We learned a lot from our guide and it was very romantic and cozy under the big blanket. Mixed in with some shopping and lots of walking we had a very fun and relaxing weekend away. Thanks to my fabulous MIL for giving us this gift and watching the girls all weekend for us.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 Days of Winter

For two wonderful days I had a glimpse of a Winter that I could like, NO a Winter that I could love even get excited for and enjoy.  The temperatures were warm enough that we could walk in our woods and play for a couple of hours and the snow was the perfect consistency for building a huge snowman and having a family Snowball fights.

Woodland Treasures
She loved that piece of bark, carried it all the way home

Temperatures have dipped back down and we are back in the house.  Frosty our Snowman (I know original right) remains in the backyard and is a constant daily reminder of the beautiful weather we had and will come again. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

On to the Next

January did not deliver in the weather department this year.  But we did have a few days that were warm enough for us to get out and enjoy the snow.  There has been a lot of rain and freezing rain and everything seems to be just plain old ice.  Thankfully at the end of the month we had one lovely day that we were able to go for a walk in the woods.  It started out ... slowly.  We walked down the street and Aisley, who is potty training, peed her snowsuit.  So we turned around and went back home and cleaned her up.  We set out again and Quinn started to have a breakdown.  She had been sick for a few days and was really tired, so we were left with a puddle of a four year old on the sidewalk.

Her and I went back home and through lots of tears she finally pulled herself together I put her in the sleigh and we went and met up with Daddy and Aisley.  The woods delivered, as always and once inside everything was calm and relaxed. 

Lets hope the groundhog delivers tomorrow and Spring is on the way!