Monday, March 12, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

I have been making cakes and cupcakes for a while now and the other weekend I got to try out a new pan and let me tell you I could not have been happier ...  behold the large cupcake cake ...

People were stopping me in the street and the bartenders all got their pictures taken with it!

It is a chocolate cake, with buttercream icing and a chocolate bottom.  I think the most impressive part of the cake is the bottom chocolate, and it is so easy to make.  You just need the pan you cooked the cake in and a bag of moulding chocolates. 

STEP ONE:  melt 1/4 of the bag of moulding chocolate and using your fingers cover the bottom part of your pan, make sure to get in all the little nooks.  When I did it I was worried that it was not covered enough but as long as you get most of it covered you will be good.  You have to move fast because the chocolate gets hard fast.  Now you put it in the fridge for half an hour.

STEP TWO:  Melt the rest of the moulding chocolate and, again, spread it all over the the pan.  I used a spatula to help push the chocolate in and not get any air bubbles in the chocolate.  Again I was worried that I didn't cover enough but it was.  The main thing is to make sure that you move fast as the chocolate does harden really quickly.  Don't worry about going over on the top of the edges as you will be covering it with icing.  Then put it in the fridge for an hour. 

STEP THREE:  While the chocolate is in the fridge forming you need to prep the bottom the the cake. Cut it in half and add a layer of icing then put it back together.  Next you will have to cut off all the ridges, plus a little more, so that it can fit into your mould.  Cover the top and the sides of the cake with buttercream icing then place in the fridge for at least half and hour.   

STEP FOUR:  To take your chocolate out of the pan you need to put a thumb on each side and push in as you pull up.  You should hear a pop and it will easily slide out.  Slide your cake into the mould, if it wont fit don't worry, just shave down the cake so it will fit.  Be careful not to push the cake in or you will break the mould.  I had to trim the top of the cake and then add icing on again.  Next trim the bottom, of the top of the cupcake, so it is level then cover the bottom with icing and put the cupcake together.

STEP FIVE:  The last step is to decorate the top.  I chose to go with a simple swirl with icing flowers but there are lots of ways you can decorate it, have fun with it. 

I also did mini cupcakes and regular sized cupcakes with buttercream icing.  I used a large tip to make a simple flower shape and then one small ball in the centre.

Here is where I read the original instructions.