Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Long Weekend

i am trying to decide how to write about our long weekend but i am coming up blank.  so i am just going to start writing and see where it takes me. so this, in a nutshell, was our weekend. 

our days have been hair pulling, baby crying, sister pushing, tantrums, name calling, your not my friend kind of statement, crazy, fun, hard, easy all in one.  when the end of the day is here i am done, but in a happy, exhausted, way. 


little girls playing doctor, stethoscope to the forehead and fast repairs because she cant hear her breathing, yes through her forehead.  sister laying so patiently as she is checked poked and prodded, loving the attention that is being showered upon her.


in my opinion holidays should always include water, parks and time away from the house, we were busy working in the backyard on saturday and sunday so monday called for bags to be packed and fun to be had.  we went to the splash pad for the first time this season and the water was cold.  i brought aisley over and made her touch the water a couple of times but she is her mamas girl and that water was just to cold.  quinn on the other hand was right in there.  she kept trying to get aisley to go in but no way, she was happy on the quilt in the sunshine with mama.

the sandbox on the other hand is her domain sister can get herself into the sand and play happily for hours.  She is a beach girl ... water just has to be warm. 


another great way to celebrate a long weekend, celebrate an amazing woman.  the girls GG (great grandmother) turned 93 today so monday we had a little celebration.  the girls made her necklaces and cards and quinn had made her a special picture at school.  we went to the store and they picked out their very own cards for her ... quinn's was to her aunt and aisleys was to her niece.  the girls did what they do best, they preformed.  there was singing and dancing, they involved everyone in games of school, they took turns being teacher and reading books to everyone, my girls love an audience, especially one that will give them their undivided attention. 

freckles even came out to join in the fun

oh and a disclaimer, quinn is not wearing oven mitts because the hamster bites she is wearing them because she does not like the feeling of his nails on her skin.  aisley thinks this is just the way it is done so she to now wears oven mitts to handle the family pet.

so that's it that was our weekend, hope everyone else had a nice long weekend and got to spend some extra time with the ones they love doing the things they love.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


My computer is broken so I figured this is a perfect time to get caught up on my instagram pictures. My user name is DressesAndDirt if you want to follow.