Monday, August 20, 2012

my happy place

so i have started and stopped and restarted this post in my head about one hundred times.  the subject has changed, my thoughts have changed, the words just don't seem to click.  i am trying to string words together that make some sense but i am at a total loss.  this seems to be the way things are going with me right now.  i am all kinds of confused and it feels like i have lost my footing.  i am scrambling to hold on and regain my steps but i feel like i am falling further.  so what is a girl to do ... me i go to my happy place.  my girls.  they are mine, they are pure, and innocent, and joyous and downright fun.  their laughs and giggles are my life line right now and they are what i hold onto.  i have been drinking them in, watching them closer, engaging more, connecting more, giving them more of me.  we have been squeezing in extra outings, extra play dates, extra snuggles and extra giggles. 

there are a few promises that i made to my girls this summer, one being the beach.  we have actually been talking about going to a beach since the winter but unfortunately a trip to florida wasn't in the cards for us this year, so i promised that we would find one this summer.  last week i delivered on my promise and by delivered i mean found the most amazing beach around and we soaked up the sun sand and water for an amazing six and a half hours.

i love the little baby legs in this pic

another promise that craig and i made to aisley this summer was that she would be able to see a zebra.  she is obsessed with zebras, when we talked about her big girl room it was the theme she wanted, luckily i won her over with her blue bed and zebra pillow.  this weekend we gathered up the girls and with her zebra in hand as her car toy we headed to the papanack zoo hoping our girl was going to see a zebra.  that day at papanack zoo i swear that zebra was a freakin unicorn cause not only did our little girl get to see one she also got the pet and feed it.  the smile on her face is one i will remember for a very long time.  it is the same one we saw on quinn when she saw an orca last year.

i could have taken a hundred pictures of this sister moment ...

i am in denial about the fact that school start in two weeks and i am focusing on summer and all the fun things we still want to do.  the sun is shining and my girls are giggling, that's all i need.