Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Quinn

Our darling Quinn turned 5 on Saturday and I am totally in shock about the fact that she is 5.  Quinn has been talking about her birthday party for some time now and making lots of plans for it.  We decided on a tea party for her and 6 of her school friends.  We were very excited when all of them were able to make it, Quinn and I worked very hard on the party, along with help from a few amazing family members and friends.  Everyone knows that when I set my mind on details I wont stop till they are just right.  The look on Quinn's face was worth every second I put into planning this party for our sweet little 5 year old.

The butterfly wings and paper flower on the back of each chair, along with a tea party hat were the "loot bags" that each girl brought home with them.

The butterfly mobile in the center took a lot of work but was worth it and will be hung in Quinn's room, I will also be making another one for Aisley's room. The vase took me about 30 seconds to do but I am totally in love with it. It was a plain glass vase I poured in some paint, swirled it around till I had the look I wanted then let it dry. Super easy and cute!

The doilies are from the dollar store then I spray painted them the colour I wanted. There were the perfect size for a place mat and I loved that I could pick the colour. Plus the pink agaist the lace, come on now!

Oh the cake! My darling Quinn wanted a teapot so a teapot cake was made:) My most amazing and talented friend Heather from Great Day Cakes, you can check out her facebook page here, came over and stayed up till goodness knows what time to help me create this amazing cake for the party.


Freckles was a huge hit at the party, all the girls sat in a circle and held him, I didn't know how he would do as he isn't held that much, let alone by 8 little girls, but he was amazing and seemed to even enjoy the attention.

pin the cherry on the cupcake

sister needed some time to herself
We made some very cute little tea party hats, they were easy to do and a big hit. I got the original idea here

Then the tea party.  Eight little girls all dressed up sipping "tea", one pot was water one was pink lemonade, and eating little sandwiches and treats.  My heart swooned, oh how I love these days, they are so sweet, so young, so innocent.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Quinn.  You my darling are, kind, caring, energetic, loving, inquisitive, and adventurous.  You are beautiful, inside and out, through and through, you are amazing. 

A Conversation with Quinn

When I grow up I want to become a Veterinarian
My best friends are Aisley, Rachel, Avery, oh Mommy all my friends are my best friends
My favourite colour is Pink and Purple
My favourite book is Sleeping Beauty
My favourite stuffy is my new kitty and Mama Kitty
My favourite toy is Barbies
My favourite movie is Barbie and Princess movies
My favourite Princess is Aurora
My favourite game is Candyland
My favourite sport is Swimming and Ballet
My favourite food is Macaroni and cheese
My favourite TV show is The Octonauts
My favourite thing to learn about in school is Learn our Letters
If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Disney World
My favourite song is Love you like a love song baby, Selena Gomez
3 Words that describe me are caring, loving, kind
My favourite snack is chocolate
My favourite season is Summer

*When I asked Quinn what are three words that describe you, she looked at me funny, I tried to reword it and said, what are you, her response ... a human :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome job Delia. What a great 5th Birthday Party!!!
Mom and Dad

Laura Hotte said...

What an amazing party!! All of your hard work and lack of sleep really paid off :) and "a human" LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Major Kudos to you Delia! It looks like it was an amazing, beautiful, original and fun party! Thoroughly enjoyed by all! Beautiful Cake Heather and Delia.
What adorable pics and blog too! Kudos! Kudos! Kudos!! I love the "human"! Barb xoxox