Sunday, September 2, 2012

Summer Fun

It's been a while since I have posted any of the crafts that I have done with the kids and this one was really fun so I thought I should share it with you.  The chalk paint is very fun and very easy!
The mix is equal parts of cornstarch and water, mix them together and add food colouring.  I found it easiest to put a paint brush in each colour and have extra paintbrushes on the side, the more brushes you have, I find, the less fighting there will be.  Then have the kids paint away. 
I was worried about how well it would wash off the kids clothes and the driveway but after the craft I turned the hose in the driveway, and them, and everything washed right off.
I have touched on the fact that I made some promises to the girls this summer about things we were going to do.  We were finally able to check another fun activity off our list.  The other night just after I had put Quinn to bed, but Aisley was long asleep, I went down to the garage and heard a little music, I ran out to the front door and listened very closely.  Once I was sure what I was hearing I ran up to Quinn's room grabbed her out of bed and ran outside and asked her to listen.  Her eyes lite up and she yelled ... ICE CREAM TRUCK.  We grabbed some money and ran to get our ice cream.
Once you pull a child out of bed and give them a huge chocolate and vanilla icecream cone what else is a Mama to do but pull our some sparklers.
Quinn's got some photo skills :)
Our neighbour even joined in the fun!
Another check off the list, Aisleys first time on a pony.  Have you ever been to Pinto Valley Ranch?  I went when I was younger during a school trip, it is a beautiful place, and their trails are amazing.
This girl knows how to play up to the camera!
After playing with all the cats, pig, goats and sheep the girls got to pick out real riding hats and meet their ponies.  Quinn rode on Com and Aisley's horse was Peanut.  Both were sweet gently ponies.
Aisley was very hesitant at first but by the end of her 10 minutes sister looked just like a little cowgirl.
Ya the hand on the thigh .... thats how she rode ... little cowgirl I tell ya
Summer is coming to a close, I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of our vacation, back to school on Tuesday.... nope not ready to deal with it yet ... tomorrow will be filled with fun Summer activities!