Thursday, October 25, 2012

Something small

Today I needed this ... More then I realized. There is something about the light shining through the fall leaves that my mind, body and soul needed. Those glowing yellow leaves and the site of my littles playing in them have super healing powers. I need to keep reminding myself to focus on the small things because right now the big things are just to overwhelming. My babies ... Those smile .... Those sweet faces ...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So the short and dirty of it is that my editing software hasn't been working in forever, my computer has been slow, and I am so far behind in my pictures it is overwhelming.  Life is busy and complicated but I really wanted to do something tonight with some of my photos, even if it is for the simple fact of completing something, anything at this point.  I just wanted to check something off this proverbial checklist in my head that seems to be growing bigger and bigger with not a single item being checked off.  So here you go, two videos, the photos may be unedited, some are just down right blurry, and I know that I will re-do both of them but they fit my life right now so I think it is fitting that I post these. 

 sSng - Over the Rainbow by Ingrid Michaelson
 Songs - Home by Phillip Phillips and Tongue Tied by Grouplove
You better believe as I am hitting the PUBLISH button I am raising my finger in the air and making a giant check mark in triumph ... its done .... I completed something and it can now be taken off my list.