Friday, December 27, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Week 52

Well this is my last week for my Pinterest Challenge  I'm pretty happy with the fact that I was able to keep it going for the whole year.  I may not have always been on top of posting them every week but I was able to get them all done, plus lots I didn't post :) Time to think of a new Challenge for 2014!

Who doesn't love a creative breakfast!!

Scratch pancakes, marshmallow buttons, chocolate chip eyes and smile, candy cane arms and whip cream snow.

1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
sprinkle of baking powder and baking soda
then I add a bunch of cinnamon

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Christmas is always such a happy magical time but I knew this year was going to be a rough one for me.  This year I would not have the girls from noon on Christmas Eve till noon on Christmas Day.  Yup that's right no Christmas morning at my house with my babies.  How was I going to survive this?  So I decided to get creative and I talked to the girls about what we should do.  We decided that we would write a letter to Santa and ask him if he would be able to come to our house a day early so that we could have Christmas morning on the 24th.  We were so happy when we got his response and he said he would!  Miracles and innocents I tell you, it's what makes Christmas (honestly I cant believe I puled this off).  So the girls and I set out to make our own little Christmas and make it as special as possible.

^^ our reindeer food had to be extra special this year to say thank you for coming a whole day early for us ^^

^^ Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve ^^

^^ putting out our reindeer food ^^

^^ Quinn wanted to take her time to think about what we should leave Santa, she told me we should think healthy. lol he ended up will the usual treats, but the healthy thought was there. ^^

^^ Algon even got to stay an extra day and watch the girls open gifts ^^

They took turns opening gifts, even the stockings were opened one at a time and we all enjoyed savoring the moment.  As Aisley was opening her stocking I noticed that she was making two piles with all her presents.  I asked her why and she told me one pile was for her to use and the other pile was for her to share with her sister.  They also traded a few gifts because they knew the other one really liked it.  The love between these two girls, I tell you it turns me into a sappy mess.

Ailsey got a guitar from Santa this year ... and the video below pretty much sums up why this kid needed one!


We had an amazing morning just us three, we laughed and played and enjoyed ourselves.  The girls surprised me this year with lots of special gifts that they themselves had picked out (my very thoughtful parents took them shopping for me).  Once we got through our stockings I told the girls to each get a gift from under the tree and they could start opening them.  But to my surprise they both jumped up and said "No Mama we want you to open yours"  Then they both proceeded, with great enthusiasm, to pass me each and every gift they had picked out and wrapped and watched as I opened them all.  We talked about each one and the joy in their eyes was almost to much for this Mama to handle.  I have always tried to teach my Children that it is better to give then to receive and I was so happy to see that they truly do get it.  They appreciate all that they received and they loved giving gifts more then anything else.  I am so proud of my sweet loving girls, and I am so lucky to have them.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


What's Christmas without letters and visits to Santa Claus?  We made our way to the mall this year with my sister and her family to meet Santa and ask for a special present and in true Ottawa fashion we ran into a friend in line and another friend in the mall and had a fantastic night. Visits with Santa, dinner with friends where we took up 3 tables in the food court and were by far the loudest group there with crazy kids everywhere.  Now that's what Christmas is about.

The girls both did really well with Santa this year and had everything all planned out for what they were going to ask him for.  There was no hesitation from Aisley and she spoke right up to Santa.  Such a sweet little scene to watch.

This year I won't have the girls on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning so we talked about it and decided that we would ask Santa if he would be able to come to our house a day early.  A few days after we went to visit Santa we decided it was time to write our letters and send them to the North Pole with Algon.  Luck would have it in true six year old and three year old fashion both girls changed their minds with what they wanted from Santa.  They set to work and spent almost an hour getting their letters just right.

"To Santa.  I been a good girl.  Please can you come a day early to my mommy house.  I would like a rainbow loom kit.  Love Quinn."

"Dear Santa, I have a pet cat Tallulah. I have been a good girl. Can you come a day early to my mommys house.  Please I love Tallulah.  Please can I have a present because I'm a good girl.  Please I would like whatever you will bring me.  What are all the elf names, what do elfs make, when are you going to come?  I love you Santa. Love Aisley"

I love experiencing Christmas through the eyes of my children. Christmas Holidays has always been my favourite time of the year and I have to say that being a parent at Christmas makes me love it that much more.

I've been Dreaming of this .....

I have this ever growing list in my head of things that I want to do with my daughters.  There are many firsts that I want to experience with them, to watch how they soak in the experience, the sparkle in their eye, the twinkle in their smile and the magic growing inside them.  This year I got to check off a big one, one that I have had since I was very young.  This year I got to bring my daughter to the NAC for her very first ballet.  

The night started out with Quinn getting a brand new dress and new jewelry (including her fist pair of drop down earrings.  We got all dressed up and we went out to dinner, just us two.

After dinner we made our way to the NAC and we watched the Royal Winnipeg Ballet perform the Nutcracker and it was pure magic.  She sat on the edge of her seat for the first entire half of the show and watched with huge eyes hardly wanting to blink, she was mesmerized by the ballerinas and I was captivated by her.  It was all that I had dreamed of and all I had hoped for.  She loved it, I loved it, and we watched the magic together.

During intermission Quinn whispered in my ear "Mommy I want to show you something but no one else can be around."  So we found a little platform on the stairs and she told me "Did you know I can do what the Ballerinas do?"  then I was blessed with the most amazing performance.  Some other people stopped to watch and when she was done she came up to me and said "Mommy those people thought I was one of the Ballerinas from the show." I was in heaven I tell you HEAVEN!! 


This evening was the highlight of my Christmas Holiday and I am counting the years till my little Aisley is old enough to go to the NAC for her very first Ballet.  My daughters ... me ... the Ballet ... it doesn't get any better then that.