Friday, October 25, 2013

When Life Gets Tough ... Remember That You Are Tougher

This week has been an exhausting one, both emotionally and physically.  Over the weekend we had a loss in our little family. Quinn's pet Hamster, Freckles, passed away after 2 wonderful years with us.  My sweet Quinn was devastated "Mama I am so sad because he was my baby boy and I was his Mama"  That evening we went to Michael's house and Quinn was armed with a small container in which she had placed a picture of Freckles that she had drawn.  She told everyone her sad news than quickly recovered as they ran and climbed some trees.  Michael, being the amazing man that he is, dug a hole for Quinn and when she was ready they had a little burial for her Hamster.  He covered it with rocks for her and made a little cross, now she knows she can visit it any time she wants.
A couple of days after this loss I received a phone call from my Dad that I knew was coming but at the same time was wishing I would somehow not receive.  My Grandma had passed away, softly, gently and peacefully with loved ones by her side.  We spend the day hugging and kissing and loving each other just a little more I surrounded myself with those that I loved and I kept a continuous list of all that I am grateful for running through my head.  I just want to say my support system rocks!  My Grandma was a strong and kind woman, she will be greatly missed.


To top all of this off my little Aisley has been having some health issues and this week it went from bad to worse.  I took immediate action, got her in for an x-ray and saw her Doctor.  Poor little mite has a blockage and her tummy is hurting her a whole lot.  But in true Aisley fashion she has still been smiling and playing throughout all her different treatments to try to fix it. 

^^ A little dance party ( Rebecca Black - Friday) this morning because I knew today would be a bad one ^^

She has been a trooper throughout ... but today ... I knew today would be bad, yet I was not prepared for just how bad today would be.  She did not like the medicine she had to drink and it was a fight, but I tell you she was proud of herself when she got through it!

The pain this little one has been in today is just gut wrenchingly heartbreaking.  It was a tough day for us and we spent a lot of time crying and hugging each other.  Her tummy hurts and I cant make it go away.  So today I did something I don't do very often, I asked for help.  I find it hard to do but always feel better once I do.  I tell you I know some pretty amazing women and I am lucky to have them in my life. We are crossing our fingers that this treatment works cause they only get worse if it doesn't.

It's true that life is tough, but it is even more true that we are tougher.  My children remind me of this every single day.  So that's what we are doing these days, we are being tough, we are taking it one day at a time, and we are loving each other ... yes love ... love is what we have and love is what we hold onto. 

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