Monday, January 27, 2014


a picture of my girls once a week for every week in 2014 ^

Quinn Elizabeth: i love her shy little smile
Aisley Marguerite: i get lost in her blue eyes

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Let There be Cake

on the weekend we celebrated Aisley's 4th birthday with some family and friends.  we talked for weeks about what she wanted for her party and what type of cake she wanted.  no big surprise, for the third year in a row, my girl requested a doggy cake.  but this year she had a twist.  she wanted a princess doggy party and that included a daddy woof woof  on the cake wearing a blue crown.  she had me take a bunch of pictures of him so that i could get the cake just right.  we were all very happy with the results of the daddy woof woof cake.  the smile on her face was worth the 2 late nights of getting ready for the party.

Aisley had lots of games that she wanted to play at her party and she put her sister in charge of running those games.  Quinn took the job very seriously and went right to work, she grabbed some paper and wrote out a list with little boxes so she could check off everything as they completed it.  She walked around with her clipboard and made sure that they played all the games that Aisley wanted at her party.

she thought long and hard about her wish

Quinn tried to help her out but Aisley pushed her aside and kept on thinking

we had a blast at her party and she loved every second of it.  it was amazing to see the difference in her this year.  she loved being the center of attention and there was no shyness at any point of the day.  this is a far cry for years past for my girl.  i love to see her grow and become more and more confident in who she is.

Monday, January 20, 2014


a picture of my girls once a week for every week in 2014 ^

Quinn Elizabeth: her thoughtfulness knows no bounds
Aisley Marguerite: she blew out the candles on another year this week

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time for a Lesson

we have been talking about tonight for a very long time.  since Quinn started her skating lessons a few months ago we have been telling Aisley that she could join her when she turned four.  so tonight was her big night, tonight she had her first lesson.  let me tell you this kid rocked it!  her sister kept an ever watchful eye on her throughout the whole lesson and helped her whenever she could.  she has only been on skates once before and tonight she took her first steps and you can tell she is going to be a natural.  she was hesitant at the start because of how many times she fell but soon got the hang of it and even figured out how to get herself up after falling.  by then end of the lesson she didn't have the strength to get up but if she did she would have.  

during the lesson they had to go over and pick a stuffed animal out from a pile and skate in a little circle with it.  leave it to Aisley to pick out the biggest one they had, all the rest were tiny, and of course it was a big fluffy kitty.  She clung to this kitty while she did her little circle then somehow when everyone put their stuffies back she held onto hers ... like for the whole lesson.  even when she had to hold her tambourine one of the teachers held her kitty and gave it back when she was done.  finally at the end of the lesson Quinn joined Aisley and she made her go to her teacher and return the kitty.  i'm sure she will be looking for it next week.

i am so proud of both my girls and how well they are doing.  they have by far surpassed my skating skills ... but really i don't have any ... so lets say they have surpassed what skating skills i used to think i had.

Monday, January 13, 2014


 a picture of my girls once a week for every week in 2014 ^

Quinn Elizabeth: she lost her 6th tooth this week
Aisley Marguerite: this week she turned 4

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dear Aisley on your 4th Birthday

"You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so ... get on your way!" ~ Dr. Seuss

To my darling Aisley,

yesterday you turned four ... wow ... you.are.four.  i don't think i can even wrap my head around this, it will take me some time so please bear with me.  you have changed so much in the last year, sometimes i just sit and watch you in disbelief.  honestly my child, you amaze me.  you are witty and charming, charismatic and engaging, you are a little ball of energy with the best giggle around.  

You have an obsession with dogs and cats that engulfs most of our games and conversations. you play this game that you are a cat named chee chee and i have to buy you, you're a helping cat who loves to clean, so we clean the house everyday because chee chee needs to clean, its her job.  you want to help me with everything and you want to be with me all the time and my darling let me tell you, i want to be with you all the time too.

i feel like time has snuck up on me, it was like the last four years with you passed in the blink of an eye.  how in the world has time gone so quickly.  I am so lucky to have spent almost every one of your 1,460 days with you and i have cherished every single one of them.  

i cant wait to see what four has in store for you and what you have in store for four.  this will be the year that you start school and the changes that await you will be scary but they will also be amazing.  this year all i want is for you to continue being as happy as you always are, i want you to smile, giggle, kiss, hug, snuggle, run, dream, imagine, play, dance and sing everyday as much and as hard as you can.

Aisley you are pretty much my favourite of all time in the history of ever.  I love you like a maniac all the way to the moon and back.

here is a little video of the last year, you chose the music I chose the pictures
Aisleys Birthday Video from Delia on Vimeo.

a conversation with Aisley

  • what is your favourite colour: blue
  • what is your favourite animal: zebra and a doggy
  • when you grow up what do you want to do: be a astronaut doggy
  • who is your best friend: Mikey and Quinn
  • what is your favourite movie: despicable me
  • what is your favourite song: o baby baby (scream by usher ... yup still)
  • what is your favourite television show: my little pet shops
  • what is your favourite sport: soccer
  • if you could go anywhere where would you go: Africa. cause i love all the pretty flowers and cause .... is there zebras there?  so that's why i would go there mom cause of zebras.
  • what is your favourite activity: going to my dads house cause of boony boon boon
  • what do you love: you
  • what is your favourite food: ice cream
  • what is your favourite drink: chocolate milk, you never give me any, my dad always does
  • what is your favourite craft: making Christmas trees
  • what are 5 things about Aisley that everyone should know: she loves to eat her healthy stuff, she loves to pet Tallulah, she loves to go crazy, she loves to play, she loves her besty.
  • what is your favourite book: doggy mike, i read it to daddy woof woof every night in dog land. and my new book i got for my birthday doggies (by sandra boyton)
  • what are you excited to do now that you are four: go to school
  • is there anything else that you would like people to know: Tallulah loves to be going crazy.  you're crazy like the glue.  i love you.  i love Tallulah.

We spent the day with people that you love and we set out to celebrate our Aisley in every way we could.

we started the day with oreos

for the 4th year we read this book before you fell asleep, a cherished gift from your aunt on your first birthday.

i can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you my darling Aisley.  Mommy loves you xox