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Camping Adventures

for the second year in a row i decided to take the girls camping at Firzroy Harbour for a week during summer vacation.  they loved it so much last year that i knew we just had to do it again this year.  the weather looked pretty good for the week so we crossed our fingers, packed our car very very full of everything we would need and we made our way to the campground.  without even realizing it i had actually picked the exact same site as i had the year before.  it took some time to get the tents set up and the girls liked helping at the beginning but quickly lost interest when one tent was done and they could go in it and play.  

we had a lot of rain during our stay and we spent some time hiding in the tent but we had so much fun playing in the tents that we didn't mind the rain.  well okay there was one night that it was raining so hard i couldn't even take them out of the tent to pee so i had them pee in a little container and both of them managed to actually pee on me, but you know, those and the best memories.  even with the rain we got lots of beach time, and let me tell you Aisley is such a little water baby.  give that kid floaties and a mask with a snorkel and she will play around in the water for hours, no matter how cold it is.  We had visitors during our week which was really fun and we got to go to the beach, kayak, hike, play and have a lot of campfires.  yup i finally figured got a hang of the whole campfire thing and we had marshmallows and s'mores every night, well every night it wasn't raining.  

one afternoon we walked to the store to get some ice-cream and both girls picked boo boo bubble.  Quinn slowly ate hers and collected all the gum so she could chew it all at the end.  Aisley wasn't as picky and she was happy to hand a bunch of her gum over to her sister.  one the way back we found the most amazing little field of dandelions and we stayed and played for as long as we could.  but eventually it was time to make dinner so we made our way back to the camp site.  i got to making dinner and the girls went to the empty site beside us and played some games.  when dinner was almost ready Quinn came over and said "Mommy i'm sorry" well that's never a good way to start a conversation.  she held out her hands and showed me the bubble gum that was all over every one of her fingers.  she said she had been trying to get it off but couldn't.  so she sat down and i started to pick at it.  well let me tell you boo boo bubble gum isn't your everyday ordinary bubble gum.  that stuff had hardened on her little fingers like cement.  so we spent the next hour pealing and scrubbing and we finally managed to get it all off.  when all was said and done Quinn proclaimed that next time she would get another kind of ice-cream. and you know what ... when we went for ice-cream again she got .... yup you guessed it ... boo boo bubblegum.  but reassured me she would not take the gum our of her mouth.  and she didnt ... but she did get a bunch of it all over her lips and it hardened the exact same way.  oh boo boo bubblegum why do you have to be so cruel.  

one night we were sitting around the campfire and playing a singing game when out of the corner of my eye i caught a glimpse of something moving. it only took me a second to realize it was a skunk that was really really close to where we were sitting.  i slowly stood up and quietly through my teeth told the girls to stand up and slowly walk towards me.  well god love children they didn't move and just started looking around asking why mommy why.  so i repeated my instructions again and then added that there was a skunk and we had to go.  well that got them moving.  i clicked a couple pictures then we went to the bathrooms to get ready for bed.

  i was sure it would be gone by the time we got back.  we warned another site we passed that we had just seen a skunk and they said oh ya we saw him last night.  so we took our time went to the washroom, got ready for bed, and then made our way back to the site.  when we passed that same site again they informed us they had just seen a whole bunch of skunks a few seconds ago make their way towards our site.  really .... you have got the be kidding me ... i am not equipped to handle this kind of thing.  so we went to our site and of course the girls are freaking out and Quinn is begging to go and hang out with the strangers at the other site but i assured her that i was sure they were all gone.  we walk slowly into the site and at the same time we see the big group of them very close to us.  so we jumped in our car and sat in it while i thought about what to do.  i made some calls to my parents and to Michael and everyone was thoroughly entertained but i still had to figure out a way to get the kids into the tent without getting sprayed.  so with some advise from Michael i turned on the car, put the high-beams on and drove the car into the middle of the campsite towards the skunks and started honking the horn a bunch of times.  i quickly jumped out, made sure they were gone and told the girls to run into the tent ... and run they did.  

at this point it was very late at night and very dark and i had two girls who were still freaking out, Quinn just kept saying "we were attacked by skunks".  so i sent text messages to everyone to tell them we made it, i told my parents what i had done and my mom responded to the situation with a "omg i just peed my pants.  thanks for the laughs"  when i told this to the girls they both looked at me with the strangest look and Quinn asked ... "did Grandma really pee her pants? ... well Mommy that now makes this a hilarious story not a scary one"  and with that we cuddled in for the night.  by cuddle i mean they slept on top of me.  they both passed out quickly, but i wasn't as lucky.  i was up all night just listening to all the sounds convinced that the skunks were back and they were looking to get into the tent.

i can not wait till we do it all again next Summer ... hopefully minus the skunks.  Below is a little video of our week of camping.

Glee Club

This year we put Quinn into a dance class at Step by Step School of Dance.  She took a Glee Club class and she absolutely loved it.  She made sure she didn't miss any classes and she practiced on a daily basis.  At the end of the term she was able to show off what she had learned and we couldn't wait to see.  She would not show me one single move the whole time, she wanted it to be a surprise.  I was very proud of my girl and I cant wait to see her perform again at the end of the year.  She was playing soccer earlier this summer and just stopped and said "Mommy I'm not good at this, I'm not a sports person, I'm an actor, I'm a dancer"  You are a performer for sure my darling, you are for sure.  

I have a video of it on YouTube but because it has a frozen song on it I cant put the video up.  so here is the link ....

Vacation Time!

A couple of weeks ago I brought the kids to Toronto for a little vacation.  We stayed with my sister and her family in Burlington at their new house and all the cousins had so much fun getting to spend time together again.  We were able to go to Niagara falls, Wonderland and the Toronto Zoo.  I especially love taking them to Wonderland, it is one of my favourite memories from my childhood and I love watching my kids enjoy it just as mush as I did ... well lets be honest ... as much as I still do.  Every year they are getting a little older and a little bigger and their love for roller-coasters and rides makes my heart sing.  I am so unbelievably happy that they are loving roller-coaster, soon enough they will all be riding the big ones with me! 

^^ I love a good road trip ^^

^^ she was a little nervous to go on the first coaster ^^

^^ he was just a little excited ^^

^^ they had so much fun playing bingo ^^

^^ a visit with Nan ^^

Thank you so much for having us Allison Family, and for showing me the scariest movie ever!  Can't wait to do it again.  
Here is a little video of our time in Toronto.

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a picture of my girls once a week for every week in 2014 ^

Dear Quinn on your 7th Birthday

"Always remember that you are
braver than you believe
stronger than you seem 
smarter than you think and
twice as beautiful as you've ever imagined"

my dearest Quinn, Mommy is still in shock over this last birthday but i do believe that i will feel this way after every single one of your birthdays.  your sixth year was, as always, an amazing one.  you have grown and blossomed and changed so much.  we have hit new stages and we have pushed our way through them.  you are now deep into the eye rolling and stomping off stage and as much as it drives me crazy it still makes me smile because you are growing up and finding your way.  you have learned to use your voice and i am so proud of you for that.  you are a sweet, kindhearted, gentle soul and i pray that no matter what happens you remain all of those things and so much more.  you flourished in grade one and found such a passion in writing and drawing.  i constantly find endless piles of paper all over the house filled with stories and doodles. late at night when you should be sleeping you sneak out of bed and sit at your desk and draw little pictures and write lists consisting of things that you love. you learned a lot about life and death this year and the way you handled everything truly moved me. you are wise beyond your years and i learn from you everyday.  i am so lucky to have you as my daughter and so proud of all that you have done. i cant wait to see what this year holds for you.

after many ideas and debates you decided that for your 7th birthday you wanted to have some of your friends over and have a spa party.  we set up a nail salon in the kitchen and you planned some games to play with your friends.  Mama also surprised you with a little photo booth for you guys to have fun posing in.  

we had so much fun painting nails and putting feathers in your hair.  watching you with your friends always brings me so much joy, and i was so grateful to the other Mama's who stayed and helped me out.  I couldn't have done it without them.

^^ after changing your mind many many times this is the cake you asked me to make ^^

^^ love my girls ^^

^^ you blew out the candles so fast the first time we made you do it again so we could get a pic ^^

^^ that smile melts my heart^^

here is the interview that you giggled your way through and a little video to celebrate your year.

  • what is your favourite colour: pink
  • what is your favourite animal: cheetah
  • when you grow up what do you want to do: i'm not really sure. ummm well a vet, a teacher, ya that's it 
  • who is your best friend: hmmmmm ummmmmm Avery 
  • what is your favourite movie: Arista Cats
  • what is your favourite song: shake it off by Taylor Swift
  • what is your favourite television show: scooby doo
  • what is your favourite sport: skating and dance
  • if you could go anywhere where would you go: paris, mom you should have known that 
  • what is your favourite activity: hmmmmmm art
  • what do you love: what do i love ... cats!
  • what is your favourite food: pizza
  • what is your favourite drink: chocolate milk
  • what is your favourite craft: i'm not sure. i like ones with diamonds
  • what are 5 things about Quinn: 1. she likes cats 2. she got attacked by a dog 3. a cat scratched her whole face 4. she likes bunnies 5. she has a pet betta fish 
  • what is your favourite book: think think think think .... come on come on what is it what is it .. Alice in Wonderland
  • what are you excited to do now that you are seven: make new friends 
  • is there anything else that you would like people to know: my mom and dad are divorced. 

my darling Quinn, you're pretty much my most favourite of all time in the history of ever.  happiest of happy birthdays my sweet little girl. xox

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