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Back to School

for the forth time in my motherhood i have had the joy of getting Quinn ready for her first day of school.  picking out her outfit days before and talking about all the new friends she will make and how much fun her new class will be.  we talk about who might be in her class and who she hopes her teacher will be.  it is such a mixed feeling of emotions that i go through every year.  i'm excited for her to go to school and learn new things and watch her develop yet i am sad that our days together over the summer are coming to an end and that our lives are about to get so much busier.  

^^ first day of grade 2 at St. Gabriel ^^

^^ first day of grade 4 at St. Gabriel^^

this year was a big one for my little Aisley.  she didn't head off to school with the big kids on the first day but on the second day she got all ready and we went to the school to meet her teachers and see her classroom.  she was so excited and yet a little nervous.  i was right there with her and had the same emotional pull of excitement v.s nervousness.

^^ having a blue classroom ... cherry on the cake baby ^^
then the big day happened ... it came ... and she went.  i have had the pleasure of spending everyday for four and a half years with this little sweetheart and all to fast the first day of school came.  she was so brave and i was so proud and after i watched her go into her school with her class i calmly walked to my car and then bawled my eyes out.  why does it all have to go so fast.

^^ first day of junior kindergarten at St. Gabriel ^^

^^ after watching her sister ride the bus for 3 years she finally got her turn ^^

i am so proud of them and how brave they have been.  this year will be a big one with a lot of changes and adjustments but they will all be for the better.  change is good, embrace it!

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a picture of my girls once a week for every week in 2014 ^

Last Days of Summer

the Summer is always so full of possibilities. we seem to plan it for months and months, all these places we want to go and all these things we want to see.  there are so many adventures that are reserved just for those long summer days and sweet summer nights.  there is this unspoken magic that seems to hang in the air during those short months that makes everything seem special.  this summer was filled many adventures and fun, but alas it went by all to quickly as summers seem to do.  but we decided instead of spending our last weekend being sad about the close of summer (and me stressing about the kids going back to school) we would get out of the house and check a few more activities off our list.  

^^ she had the biggest smile on her face and sang a sweet little song as she drove around ^^

^^matchy matchy^^

^^obligatory golf club sword fight^^

^^little Aisley big giraffe^^

^^she was a little excited when she skipped a rock^^

there is a part of me that is always sad when the summer ends and we are faced with back to school, activities, homework and early mornings.  but along with that sad there is new plans and ideas for how we can change things up and make things run more smoothly.  there is something about routines that are soothing and rejuvenating all at the same time.  with the last of our summer adventures behind us it is time to embrace fall and all it has to offer ... hello apple picking and pumpkin everything.