Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  i hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends and lots of delicious food.  we had a wonderful weekend and had a perfect mix of time spent just the three of us and time spent with others.  saturday was our big day and what a day it was, we always have to have some type of 'disaster' happen, because that's what holidays are about ... oh i remember you christmas tree 2012.  we started out the day right by heading to Saunders Farm, this is a yearly fall tradition for us and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.  we brought Heather and William with us as he had never been and it had been about 20 years for Heather since her last visit and we met up with some other friends there.  needless to say they were blown away by the magic that is Saunders Farm.  they really go all out, there are so many little details that just make you feel so happy.  we arrived just after 10 and it was almost 5 when we left and we could have stayed for a few more hours! 

^^  who doesn't love a car picnic ^^

we had such a blast ... seriously ... Saunders Farm is one of my favourite traditions that we have! so since we had such an amazing time and we didn't want to leave we ended up getting home a little later then planned.  but i had already prepped the turkey and it was in the brine all ready to go.  i had spoken with Michael a couple times to double check how he does his turkeys because he is the master of cooking turkeys, so i was armed with simple instructions and i only needed 2 hours and it would be on the table, HA.  so once the turkey was in i got everything else ready to go and sat down with the girls and a snack to watch some Thanksgiving holiday specials ... well the two hours came and went and that sucker was still no where near ready to eat.  since i am such a problem solver i poured another glass of wine and settled in to watch another movie with the girls and wait on this turkey.  when we hit the three hour mark it was a piece of art ... a real master piece ... 

So i cut into that sucker and it was juicy and amazing and i couldn't believe how well i had done, it was my first time cooking a turkey completely on my own with no other adults in the house, i had done it!  Quinn was so excited and she clicked some pictures and I kept cutting ... and then i saw it .... oh ya ... that's right ... a nice big juicy ... completely raw section.  what luck! so with the turkey half cut up i reluctantly put it back into the oven, covered everything else up, poured another glass of wine and joined the girls on the couch for yet another movie.  we giggled and talked and at one point i thought that Aisley was going to fall asleep.  but we all managed to stay awake and in high spirits and at 9:40 when i check on the turkey ... it was done.  so out came the turkey and i scrambled to get everything else warmed up again and onto the table.

^^ take two on the turkey ^^
the girls helped put everything together and get the plates ready and at 10:02PM we sat down for our dinner.

but of course we had to pose for some pictures and i am so glad that we did, even though it was late and we were hungry, these pictures are so perfect.  they completely sum up this amazing little family of three that i have.  this is us ... and we love it.

^^ do you see that cat posing in this one ... we are still laughing about it ^^

^^ this picture is my absolute favourite ^^
as we started to eat our dinner and chat away about what a fun night we had ... according to Quinn it was the best Thanksgiving ever and she can't wait to go to school and tell all her friends all about it ... I looked up and over at the other side of the table and was over whelmed by what i saw.  i had the best view and i am so extremely thankful for that view.

^^ haha Aisley's crazy tired eyes ^^
we finished up our dinner and Aisley is the slowest eater on the planet so we chatted away as she ate and i cleaned up and when all was done we were ready for our pie.  pumpkin pie with so much whip cream you can hardly even see the pie.  never mind that it was 11 o'clock at night.  you can't have Thanksgiving dinner without a big piece of pumpkin pie.  so we cut them up handed out the plates and ....

Aisley finished off our perfect Thanksgiving dinner in the only suitable way.  it was absolutely perfect!  int the end they finally both sat down with their pie, both girls only had one bite and said they were done.  so off to bed we went to all snuggle together and end a day that i am truly thankful for.
and obviously since they weren't able to eat the pie the night before they just had to eat it for breakfast the next day!

i hope that you all had a perfect Thanksgiving weekend ... because we certainly did!

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